With an extensive background of building and preparing race and rally spec Alfa Romeos we know how to successfully improve the performance of your car from a mild road based tune-up to a full race-spec track requirement we are able to cater to your performance needs.

There are many modifications we can do to any vehicle to improve its handling and performance from installing uprated suspension components like coilovers through to increasing the BHP of the engines output by remapping or installing a turbo charger or supercharging.

Our Alfa Romeo Master Technicians will help you whatever your tuning requirements are.

Tuning modifications include:


• Engine Remapping
• Big Brake Upgrades
• Engine Conversions
• Turbo charging / Supercharging
• LSD Differential Install
• Suspension Tuning
• Road, Race & Rally Spec Cars


If you are passionate about your Alfa Romeo contact us today to speak to people who also share your passion on: 01403 864264 or send us a message through our Quick Contact Form.

We look forward to helping you care for your Alfa Romeo.